606  Series Pilot

A crime serial in the vein of Top Boy and Breaking Bad. A city banker hits a glass ceiling at work and returns to her estranged family in Bradford, Yorkshire, where her financial expertise sparks the interest of a crime boss. FINALIST NETFLIX SCREENWRITING FELLOWSHIP


When a disgraced fashion journalist selfishly pursues a career saving story that causes the death of its teenaged subject, she tries to expose the state and corporate conspiracy behind the murder.



In a future England, which is split into two countries, and crossing the border is a crime, a man who left his family on the other side tries to make sense of mysterious visions summoning him to the frontier.

“ Sharp dialogue, strong twists ”

  Paul Wilmshurst, Director, The Last Kingdom

“ Dream like, full of nuance and layers ”

   Keith Bell, Producer, Harry Brown

“ Best scripts I’ve read in ages. Fresh and thrilling. ”

Emma Jane Unsworth, Animals

My screenplays express my passion for turning social themes into thrilling films. They showcase my ability to create exciting worlds with entertaining characters and memorable scenes.  Protagonists in my stories are often fighting injustice, let down by authority or hampered by family conflict.

I have a visual writing style developed on BBC crime reconstruction series.  Writing multiple scripts with detailed shot sequences plotted before shooting, I learnt the craft of writing imagery that tells compelling stories.

I am building on my success at Netflix and Sundance screenwriting fellowships with a new script that has been picked up by Producer Keith Bell.

“ Wow. Incredible. Gripping and so smart.”

   Emma Jane Unsworth, Writer, Animals